Side Gate
Side Gate to Studio
View 1
View from Studio

Deck Outside Studio

Boardwalk to Studio

Side Door to Studio

View Out the Side Door

Drawing Table

Drying Rack & Work Table

Messy Corner

View Out Back

Screen for Taping drawings to

Drying Rack for Blotters

Dyeing & Color Sample Area

Pulp Color Samples Wet and Dry

Vat for Pulling Base Sheet

Towels and Cups

Pulp Buckets

Refridgerators to Store Pulp

Lots of Dirty Containers

Pouring Area

Pouring Vat

Pulp Table

My Basic Color Palate

Container Storage

Idea Bulletin Board

Slide Light Table

Archival Art Storage

Vacuum Table & Drying Press

Drawing Table


last updated May 13, 2010

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