Which of the foods in LUNCH are fruits and which are vegetables.
What makes a food a fruit? What makes a food a vegetable?
HINT: seeds make the difference.
How and where do the different foods grow - on a tree, bush, vine, stalk,underground or above the ground?
Make a fruit and vegetable chart. Place fruit and vegetable cutouts in the correct columns.



Have a LUNCH buffet and taste the different foods in LUNCH.
Discuss tastes and textures: sweet, sour, crisp, crunchy, juicy.
Together write a food review.



Count how may different foods Mouse eats. What other foods might Mouse eat?
What are your favorite foods?
Look closely at the pictures. Where does Mouse live? Notice that someone cleaned up Mouse’s mess. Who do you think cleaned up the mess?



Notice the background colors. They are the colors of the spectrum.
The book starts with a white background which is all colors combined.
Direct light through a prism and you will see the colors of the spectrum as in a rainbow.
The book ends on black. Black is the absence of color. All the colors have been used.
Make a food rainbow.



Picture books are small plays. In LUNCH the black and white tablecloth is the stage.
Act out the book. How would mouse move? Share good action words such as: scurry, dart, skitter. Practice chomping and nibbling.
Easy inexpensive ways to make props are in the TO DO section.




Props for LUNCH Play

supplies needed:
11x17 heavy copy paper and tracing paper, stapler, cheap toilet tissue, scissors, and paints, crayons or markers.

1. Trace the fruits and vegetables in the book. If the entire food shape is not on the page draw what is missing.

2. Transfer the images to heavy paper. I used 11x17 copy paper.

3. Make two identical cutouts of each food.

4. Stack one cutout on top of the other.

5. Staple around edges leaving an opening so you will be able to stuff the cutout with the toilet tissue.

6. Color the stapled paper cutout.

7. Stuff the stapled cutout with toilet tissue being carful not to rip the paper.

8. Staple opening closed.




supplies needed:
8 1/2x11heavy paper, scissors, clear 1/2” tape, crayons, markers or paint.

1. Copy downloaded mouse pattern and tummy flap pattern onto heavy paper.

2. Cut out tummy flap. Crease tummy flap on fold line.

3. Tape tummy flap on Mouse.

4. Color Mouse.

5. Under the flap on Mouse’s tummy draw all the food he has eaten or paste bits of colored paper the colors of the food he has eaten.

6. You can make a stuffed mouse by following the Prop directions.

7. Use a pink pipe cleaner for his tail.





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